Quick Tips for Taking a Workplace Campaign Digital

Before 2020, having a strong digital presence was pretty important to most nonprofits. Today it’s required. Many nonprofits will soon be gearing up for another round of fundraising with corporate partners. But when many of those partners’ employees are still working remotely, in-person only campaigns will stall.

If you’re planning a workplace campaign, it’s time to recognize donors are online and they expect you to be there too. Having a website and posting on social media isn’t enough. To avoid getting ditched by donors this campaign season, you need an online donation experience that is simple, mobile and trackable. 

As you meet with campaign managers, plan your theme, and create your fundraising assets, leave time to think about how you’ll take your fundraising digital this year. These three steps will help you get started.

Make it Simple

Have you ever thought about how easy it is to shop online? Sometimes you end up with items in your cart you weren’t originally looking at!

Making an online experience simple and easy is the best way to ensure donors complete their gift. 

What do you ask donors to do today? To donate do they have to fill out a paper pledge sheet at home, scan it, and send it back to a campaign manager? If you had fewer steps, you might have more donors. 

An online donation form is a simple option for donors. When finding a partner, look for digital fundraising companies that allow you to customize the form with specific designations, ways to give (Yes! Payroll deduction through an online form is possible.), and show donors how much they and their colleagues have raised.

Make it Mobile

According to the Pew Research Center four out of five people in the U.S. own smartphones. That means when it comes to creating donation experiences online, nonprofits must make them mobile. And to be honest, that goes for event registrations and volunteer sign ups too. 


User-first experiences are essential to an effective digital strategy. That means if most donors use their mobile phone to access your donation form, you should make sure it’s not built for a desktop-only view. 

Choosing a platform that includes popular digital wallets such as PayPal and Apple Pay is also a plus. 

Make it Trackable

When fundraising with corporate partners providing a summary at the end of the campaign is important to maintaining a strong relationship. Now imagine you could provide weekly updates that take minutes to create. 

Using the right digital fundraising tool will make it easy to track campaign progress on a daily basis and see the overall performance. Being able to look at data and decipher what to do quickly can also help you, and your partners, make smart decisions about nudges during a campaign. 

We definitively live in a digital world, and it’s going to stay that way. Nonprofits that continue to ignore building a strong digital presence will start to notice a decline in dollars raised. Many already have seen this trend. 

But it’s not too late to give your donors and supporters the digital experience they want. By taking a few simple steps and investing in powerful technology you will be able to capture the hearts – and the dollars – of donors. 

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