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Create pixel-perfect donation experiences and websites on an intuitive, user friendly, one stop platform. No coding skills needed!

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Easily Create and Manage Sites

With SiteBuilder you get a robust tool that is a fully hosted, fully designed and supported website solution focused on your donors. SiteBuilder allows your team to easily create and maintain an engaging website experience on your own .org domain, with flexible and customizable templates and responsive mobile-first designs.

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Connect to Your Donors, Digitally

Grow simplifies digital storytelling and online giving. Create and publish content within minutes on beautifully designed and mobile-first microsites.

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Create, Customize and Embed Forms

Create, manage and measure unique online donor experiences using embeddable forms through Give. This toolset allows for visual customization, seamless payments and integrations into any partner site.

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The Modern Workplace Campaign

The workplace campaign has gone digital! Need a branded partner site that has all of the mobile-first, modern design aesthetics and is built for year round engagement? Meet Workplace Grow.

Workplace Grow Features:
  • Digital payroll deduction sign ups and credit card donations
  • Ability to custom set donation amounts
  • Ability to program recurring donation based on employer payroll
  • Create unlimited custom designation fields
  • Metrics on page visits, top referral channels, time on site and more
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Personalization for Major Donors

Engage your transformational donors in a personal way that enhances the high-touch, one-on-one experience they expect. High Net Worth templates give donors a special page built just for them so you can digitally steward a meaningful, long-term relationship with your organization.

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Create, Analyze and Iterate

Insights is metrics made easy. Find the most important, timely metrics that help you better understand how your digital sites are performing. The feature’s pre-made visuals let you quickly share your progress across your organization.

  • Total Dollars Donated
  • Total Emails Collected
  • New vs Repeat Visitors
  • Total Pageviews
  • Time Spent on Each Story
  • Referring URL and Sources
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Need help with your digital campaigns? Want to see how our tools make your job easier? Contact us today and see how you can improve your online marketing efforts.

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