7 Examples of Inspiring Nonprofit Visual Content

What’s up?
From data visualizations to videos to infographics, mixing visuals into your marketing campaigns can provide fresh ways to engage donors.

Live streams. Gifs. Memes. Snapchat. Instagram. We are a world obsessed with visuals. So why are your marketing and content campaigns still primarily text?

There are times when a well-crafted blog or article is perfect, but mixing in visual content (videos, images and infographics), can be a great way to raise awareness, attract new donors and engage an audience.

Here are three reasons why visual content is so powerful:

If you’re interested in optimizing your campaigns for optical impact, we’ve pulled together seven examples of fantastic visual content from nonprofits. Prepare to be awed, inspired and entertained!

Example 1

Why it inspires us: Representing statistics visually often makes people think they need to use charts or graphs. While these visuals are useful, simply calling out a significant result or finding with a beautiful layout can be just as effective. These types of images can magnify key messages in social media as well as in blogs or emails. (Image Source)

Example 2

Why it inspires us: We love the balance between the Dr. Seuss quote and the footage of community programs Mile High United Way offers. Plus it’s a great example of how to repurpose footage that has been captured at various times.* (Image Source)

Example 3

Why it inspires us: No copy. How about no narration? This video tells a powerful story about Greenpeace’s cause by showing what the organization is fighting for and subtly inviting viewers to reflect on that mission. (Image Source)

Example 4

Why it inspires us: It might seem like the only way to dispell the myths about the cause or causes your organization is fighting for requires a 900-word blog post or a listicle about the 7 Myths of X. But through this series of images, paired with stories of real refugees, International Rescue Committee shows us the bang of brevity. (Image Source)

Example 5

Why it inspires us: This infographic from the Gates Foundation expertly uses a cascade of information to build to the key point. The world may be a little saturated with infographics at this point, but when done well and with intention they can be powerful visual tools. (Image Source)

Example 6

Why it inspires us: This mostly text video from The Girl Effect is perfect for our social media-driven world, where many people watch videos on mute. Some reports show that as many as 85 percent of people on Facebook watch videos silently.  The text on screen keeps viewers engaged – even at a 3:00 run time. (Image Source)

Example 7

Why it inspires us: Even though this image from United Way of Greater Portland is static, the visual still connotates action. We love that it plays on the emotion of hope and ties into a feeling of giving. Choosing images and other visuals that connect to people will make your message more powerful.*(Image Source)

Next time you are about to create a piece of content, use these ideas as inspiration and think about how you can share your story visually.

*UpPurpose is a wholly owned subsidiary of the United Way

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