Employers Make Donations Rain from Down the ‘Cloud’

In today’s world of unlimited information available at your fingertips, people are incredibly leery of giving donations to organizations without knowing exactly what that money will be used for.

A new product from Salesforce.org solves that problem by providing donors with real time dashboards showing exact causes that they can sponsor. Salesforce.org’s Philanthropy Cloud will also give employers the opportunity to manage workplace giving, employee volunteering, grant distribution and fund disbursement all in one place.

United Way is the exclusive reseller of Philanthropy Cloud. Initially an employer must purchase a license for employees to get on the platform, however employees will be able to take their accounts to new jobs so they can continue to give back to their communities.

United Way will also provide local content on the platform, showcasing all the good work that is happening in communities across the United States and Canada. Corporate partners will see their employee engagement programs through this new network.

“In our modern, connected world, individuals and employees want more ways to strengthen their communities, and Philanthropy Cloud will revolutionize their opportunities to give, volunteer and advocate,” said Brian Gallagher, President and CEO of United Way Worldwide. “Philanthropy Cloud will enable employees and companies to tailor, track and grow their community involvement, making it a one-stop shop for philanthropic engagement that will meet employees’ needs, raise company profiles and build a better society for every person in every community.”

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