Why Quality Content Matters

Your nonprofit has a content marketing program that hums. Your team of creators cranks out blogs posts, infographics, videos, eBooks and success stories like there’s no tomorrow. But is that content actually resonating with donors?

The truth is when it comes to content too many marketers value quantity over quality, and it’s hurting the effectiveness of your marketing.

According to eMarketer.com, nearly three out of four donors (72 percent) would stop contributing to a nonprofit because of poor content. What about bad content might turn people off? The top five reasons include:

  1. Too vague (35 percent)
  2. About programs I’m uninterested in (25 percent)
  3. Dull and boring (24 percent)
  4. Has incorrect information about me (24 percent)
  5. In an inconvenient format (19 percent)

So how do you ensure quality while still keeping up with your publishing schedule? Start by keeping these keys to quality content in mind:

Keys to Quality Content

  • Know your audience – This is your target persona. If you are developing content for a donor, member or another kind of supporter be sure to think about the passion point that draws that person to your organization.
  • Create a key message – Write a single sentence that encapsulates what you want your audience to remember from the piece. This will help your content be clear and concise.
  • Define a call to action – Being specific about what you want your audience to do after they read your content will help you reach your goals for the piece.

If you want to take the process one step further, you can put this list of questions at the top of your draft or in a creative brief:

  • Who is my target persona?
  • What is my target persona’s passion point?
  • What do I want the audience to remember?
  • What do I want the audience to do?
  • Which keywords am I targeting?

Following these simple steps can help you avoid creating content that falls flat with donors and become known for creating engaging, inspiring stories!