Google Helps Get Your Nonprofit Some Notoriety

Do people know about the great work your social good organization is doing out in the world? If not, there is a simple way to kickstart your promotions.

Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits is a free service courtesy of the internet giant that gives qualifying agencies $10,000 a month in credits towards in-kind advertising every month from Google Ads.

Google Ads lets you granularly target specific people based on age, location, gender or interests. These ads can help you solicit donations, recruit volunteers or announce an upcoming fundraising event.

To qualify, a social good company must be a registered charity, have robust content on their website and apply to get verified by Google For Nonprofits. The verification process involves providing your organization’s EIN (nonprofit ID), physical address and online contact information. Google takes about two to 14 days to process your application.

Once approved, Google not only offers the ad grants but also access to G Suite, Google donation tools and YouTube for nonprofits.The work you do is important. Let your cause be heard the world over. For more information check out Google for Nonprofits.