3 Actions to Help You Avoid Losing Trust with Donors

How to Avoid Losing Trust with Donors

In today’s cancel culture it’s hard to earn trust and easy to lose it. But by making sure donors feel respected, informed and appreciated you can lay the foundation for a strong, lasting relationship that will result in more frequent or more generous donations.

Arlie Sisson Wins Stevie Award for Product Development


And we felt. so. much. We’re incredibly proud that our CEO and founder Arlie was recognized as a top executive for her work leading our development of a content management system for social good organizations. How proud were we? Click through for a glimpse of our reactions.

Employers Make Donations Rain from Down the ‘Cloud’ and United Way are coming together to automate corporate philanthropy at companies large and small with their new product, Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud. This new product will showcase an organization’s corporate social responsibility platform while allowing nonprofits to increase donation intake and share volunteer opportunities across their community.

Why Quality Content Matters

Three out of four donors say they would stop giving to a nonprofit because of poor quality content. So if you’re valuing quantity over quality you may be turning donors off. Find out how to ensure quality while still keeping up with your publishing schedule.

5 Roles that Will Help Scale Your Content Marketing

The right team sets a good strategy apart from a great one. Whether you are looking to build a new team from scratch or wondering where the opportunity gaps lie in your existing group, find out which five roles will help scale your content marketing operation and scale it fast.

Google Helps Get Your Nonprofit Some Notoriety

The internet giant gives back to social good organizations through their Ad Grants for nonprofits program. Google also offers G Suite, Youtube, Maps, Google Earth and donation tools to help get the word out about your cause. Check out the qualifications and see if your nonprofit can get verified today!